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Payments will be processed onsite. Debit or credit cards are accepted.

5 Panel Urine- $60

10 Panel Urine- $70

Specimen Collection Only- $20

10 Panel Instant Urine- $70

5 Panel Hair- $100
7 Panel Hair- $170
Hair Collection Only- $60
5 Panel Oral- $80

5 Panel Oral W/Expanded Opiates- $90
9 Panel Oral W/Oxy- $90
Oral Collection Only- $40

What will the Drug Testing process look like

Specimen collection-

1. Fill out the CCF form

2. Start the pre-testing collection process

3. Donor provides Specimen

4. The specimen collector will assist the donor with the completion of the CCF form

5. And yes, we are finished, it is that simple


Laboratory Analysis

Each specimen is sent directly to Lab Corp or CRL for analysis.


MRO Review & Report

This medical review by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician who is trained and qualified and provides a defensible drug test result and reduces the employer exposure to liability.


Reported Results

Results will be recieved directly from the MRO.

Urine, Hair & Oral Drug

What you need to know about Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug tests screen the specimen for a wide variety of illegal and prescription drugs, including Opiates. With this being a quick, simple and painless process, each specimen is sent directly to the lab daily and

results are reported within 48 hours.


What you need to know about Instant Urine Drug Testing

Point-of-collection testing (POCT) drug testing, better known as instant testing or rapid testing is a great solution for situations that require drug test results in a matter of minutes. This is a great option for employers who need to save time and money and help with making quick hiring decisions. Instant drug testing is not available or approved for federally regulated or U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing programs.

*Specimen validity testing upon request


What you need to know about Hair Drug Testing

Consistently and significantly improving over the last 25 years, Hair testing has proven its effectiveness and will continue to play a vital role in ensuring the much-needed security and safety every community needs. During this test, a small amount of hair is removed from your head using scissors. The sample is then examined for signs of drug use during the 90 days preceding the test. Take a look at why this drug test is the most effective:

 The hair specimen collection process is swift, noninvasive, and has no-pressure experience.

Hair testing provides more precise results since it is impossible to substitute a hair specimen during the observed collection process.

 Hair testing has the highest "fear factor" for drug users as it is nearly impossible to prepare for it.


What you need to know about Oral Drug Testing

Most commonly referred to as saliva drug testing, Oral fluid drug testing procedures are very similar to urine drug testing but is perceived to be less invasive. The oral fluid drug test captures oral fluid with a device that appears to be a sponge on a stick. The donor inserts the oral fluid collection device (mouth swab) into the mouth to collect the oral fluid. Most devices will take at least two minutes for the collection pad (sponge) to collect a sufficient amount of oral fluid. This process detects drug use up to 48

hours from time of collection. The specimen is sent directly to the lab daily and results are reported within 48 hours. Positive test may be subjected to lab-based verification testing and an evaluation procedure that takes 2-3 days dependent on the labs request.


Urine Drug Tests are best suitable for situations

such as:

  • DOT

  • Non-DOT

  • Pre-employment

  • Employee

  • Random

  • Reasonable Suspicion

  • Post-Accident

  • Court ordered

  • Probation

  • Child Custody

  • Testing Teenagers

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All payments will be processed onsite. Debit or credit cards are accepted

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