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Livescan fingerprinting & hard card processing for a wide variety of state agencies, programs, and industries.



Livescan Technology: ONLY for Florida Residents

Allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Federal Bureau of Investigation within a matter of minutes and quickly allows level II background checks to be processed.

IdentoGo fingerprints for the following in Florida and many more:

Attorneys and Legal Workers
Child Care
Construction Industry Licensing
Firearm Permits

Financial Services

Health Care

Human Services

Management Services
Mortgage Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Real Estate
Social Services
State Employment
And many more!

Florida & Tennessee
Hard Card Processing

Allows out-of-state applicants to submit physical copies of their fingerprints on a standard FD- 258 card. Prints Inc processes the FD- 258 card the same day received and the results are reported to the specified agency within only 2 business days.

No walk-ins, Appt only!

All payments will be processed onsite. Debit or credit cards are accepted

Ink Fingerprint Hard Cards FD- 258

This option is only used for Florida residents needing to mail their hard cards to out of state. Prints Inc understands the importance of having your own fingerprints for yourself, your significant other, or your children. We are now offering Ink Hard Cards for all. A trained fingerprint tech will assist you with placing your own ink fingerprints on the FD-258 Hard Card making this process simple, easy, and quick and taking up to 15 minutes. We will provide you with an FD- 258 Hard Card for $35 or you're more than welcome to bring in your own Hard Card for only $25. Do you need 2 Hard Cards? Add an extra hard card for only $15.

No walk-ins, Appt only!

All payments will be processed onsite. Debit or credit cards are accepted


Drug Testing

At Prints Inc we are excited to offer Leon County a wide variety of drug tests to choose from. With our outstanding team trained and ready to serve you, our drug screening process is simplified and fast providing accurate results to promote a safe, secure, and productive drug-free community. The most common drug test panels are the 5 and 10 panels urine drug test but there are many other drugs that can be tested.

No walk-ins, Appt only!

All payments will be processed onsite. Debit or credit cards are accepted

Notary Services


A notary is a public officer, appointed and commissioned by the Governor of the state and given the authority to perform certain duties or notarial acts. A notary also acts as an impartial witness with no financial or beneficial interest in a transaction. Prints Inc notaries are authorized to administer oaths and affirmations, take acknowledgments, attest to photocopies, and verify the vehicle identification numbers.

Pricing - $10

Remote Online Notary

As of January 1st, 2020, Florida Notaries may perform remote online notarizations (RONS). Any active notary in Florida can register with the state to perform notarizations over an app or website. Not tech-savvy? No problem! Prints Inc online notaries have partnered with a company that manages the technical side of the RON process. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

Pricing- $25

No walk-ins, Appt only!

All payments will be processed onsite. Debit or credit cards are accepted


Let us know how were doing and leave us a review on our Google page.

Called and got help from Kyrsten. Super amazing and friendly. Got me the help I needed quickly. Everyone
here is wonderful!

Derek Bird
6 months ago
2 Reviews

The staff was extremely professional and quick...ty so much

Mariann Schomp
6 months ago
Local Guide·197 reviews·107 photos

I spoke with a woman today that was so incredibly kind, helpful and genuine and she cleared up a huge
issue in my fingerprinting process in under 30 minutes. She was so patient and helpful I was blown away

Pepper Smith
6 Years ago
3 Review

Prompt accurate professionals!

Antisha Williams
4 months ago
1 Review

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